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The Birth of Guardian Bank

Mr. Collin Timms
Chairman - Guardian Bank

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you the success of Guardian Bank in serving our community in Bangalore. Though the year 2014-15 did not see the dramatic changes promised by the politicians in Delhi, there was evidence of slow but sure economic change at the grass root level. This was reflected within the micro socio-economic scenario of our community in Bangalore. People are saving a little bit more and businesses are slowly steering out of the stagnation they have experienced in the past few years.

Our bank has played its role in providing active counseling and assistance for all financial needs in service of the community. congratulate the management and every member of the Guardian Bank staff for living the Christian ideals of service and compassion in every interaction every day. Whether in banking or beyond.

"Guardian Bank looks forward to serving the community, in this way, for decades to come."