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Our Home

In the year 2007 we decided to purchase an apartment as we were tired of shifting houses every two years. But a major obstacle to buying an apartment was getting a bank loan. Being Catholic missionaries, no bank was willing to sanction a loan to us because I did not get a fixed salary. We contacted many banks but got a negative answer.

It was during this time I approached Guardian bank. I told the General Manager that I was a Catholic missionary and was unable to get a loan from other banks as I did not have a salary slip or a fixed monthly income. The General Manager was very kind and heard my story patiently and advised me to produce the documents required for availing a loan. Our dream of buying our own house was fulfilled when the bank informed us that our loan was sanctioned.

Owning an apartment would not have been possible if Guardian Bank had not come to our help. We have had an excellent relationship with them and they are ever willing to help us whenever there is a need.

Priya and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management and staff for all the help rendered to us. We pray that God will bless every one of them and the wonderful work they are doing.

God bless you all!

Colin & Priya Calmiano

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Our Home
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