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My Success Story

I am the proprietor of Velankanni Transport for the past 11 years. I own a few lorries and use them to supply construction materials to various apartments in & around Begur, Mylasandra, Bettadasanapura and to my regular companies situated in Bangalore.

I came to Guardian bank in the year 2007 and opened a Current Account with them and operated the account regularly. Every time I wanted money for working capital I used to approach the pawn brokers but this time since I had an account with Guardian Bank I approached them for a business loan. I submitted my papers and the bank was very helpful in guiding me through the process of loan.

I used this amount as a working capital for my business. When I wanted a vehicle loan for purchase of one more lorry to expand my business, the bank processed the loan within no time. The reason was my good track record of operating my account and my papers were already with them.

I thank them for helping me in my need and making me achieve success in my business by helping my company financially. I have been encouraging all my friends and relatives to open accounts with Guardian bank and enjoy the benefit offered to me.

I am thankful to the staff of Guardian Bank for the guidance and right advice they gave me to help me grow my business.

Proprietor - Velankanni Transport.

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