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The Family Bank

The Guardian Souharda Sahakari Bank Niyamita, envisages to help all members of the society focusing chiefly on families and individuals from the middle, lower class and poor sections. This bank is especially conceived and designed to meet the needs of family segments within the communities. Family is the building block of the society and especially in India, it assumes a role of importance socially and economically.

The concept of FAMILY BANKING is where a close and intimate relationship is developed between the bank and its customer as a family unit. This is possible by the bank offering specialized services to various members of the family. The four such segments that Guardian Souharda Sahakari Bank Niyamita would address are:

The youth of our society are the heirs of the legacy of opportunities and problems that the present generation passes on to them. In order to equip them and help them succeed it is our duty to provide them with the best entrepreneurial and social environment possible. The Bank encourages thrift and enterprise among the youth. The prohibitive cost of higher education has long been a major deterrent for the poor. We provide innovative credit scheme for this purpose.

Women in our society are an unfortunate paradox. They are revered on one hand and exploited on the other. The progress of any society in the past has always been achieved through empowerment of women. The Guardian Bank recognizes that women are the economists of most families. The Guardian Bank promote saving among housewives by organizing weekly or monthly collections on a door to door basis. The potential for developing enterprise among women is immense given timely credit and simple counseling, women can be self employed with cottage and home industries, such as process foods, pickles, papads, needlework etc.

The house holder carries the heavy burden of responsibility for the whole family. The entire family looks to him/her as a provider and promoter of a better Bank. The Guardian Bank seeks to share responsibility at every stage. We provide simple and attractive savings schemes, credit for improving the quality of his/her life by purchasing time saving advice and appliances, financial assistance and advice in self employment and opening of small business in order to exploit the full potential of his/her skill.

The senior citizens have a very special and important place in society though they are well respected as individuals, they are not given any special consideration by any commercial establishment such as banks. The Guardian Bank is sensitive to their special needs like health, hospitalization. It will also seek to provide personalised services for their banking transactions like depositing pension slips, providend fund, LIC payments and withdrawals. The bank also advice them on investments to enable them to have a safe and regular income at the twisting time in their lives. Senior citizens are given 0.5% extra on the deposits.